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Welcome to McGraw-Hill Ryerson’s recently updated www.bcscience.com. We are continuing to provide you with access to our Online Learning Centres for our highly successful BC Science 8-10 Program and are giving you an opportunity to view other McGraw-Hill Ryerson science resources available for your classroom. Watch for announcements on NEW and exciting science resources coming soon.


Four Ways Technology Enhances the Learning Experience

A dramatic shift is sweeping through schools. The majority of students (if not all) have cellphones; elementary students can navigate an iPod touch and several teens have YouTube channels with … Continue reading

Gamification in the Classroom: How Games Help Students Learn Science

The benefits to studying science are vast, however students are still skeptical about studying science due to the lack of understanding concepts. To spark the love of science in your … Continue reading

Four ways to Fuel Creativity in your Classroom

According to the Centre for Inspired Teaching, traditional classrooms aren’t conducive learning environments to foster student creativity, which can negatively impact the student as shown in recent studies that show … Continue reading